Share your story, Offer an authentic experience

It could be anything from a workshop, class, walk to a mix of them

Offer and experience

We work together with you to create a memorable activity

Sell your experience

We promote your activity and visitors buy through our website

Welcome your guests

We manage your bookings and you get ready for your guests

Join us, it is FREE

We only charge a commission when you receive a booking through our website

There are a couple of things we strongly recommend when designing an Experience

Min# of Participants

Ideally you should run the activity with a minimum of 2 people. Requiring more people decreases the chances for booking dramatically.

Your have complete control

You decide your own calendar, the day, time, how many guests to welcome, how much to charge them, the location, etc.
Later on, and at any time, you can make changes on anything to meet your needs.

 Flexible Scheduling

Be open to offer your activity on different days

What could Creative Iceland do for you?

Your own experience page

You will have your own web-page of your activity (which we will create in cooperation with you) with images, description, details, price, etc. so travelers can quickly review and make their decision.

Marketing and sales

Think of us as your marketing and sales department. We will take care of all marketing and promotional activities on and off line. You will just need to get ready to welcome your guests for a memorable experience. 

Create the best Experience

We will work together in creating the best experience possible for you and for your guests. Our team will support you with professional feedback, workshop planning, pricing strategies, etc.: anything you could need to create, plan and deliver a great experience. 

Collect the payments

We will take care of processing the payments. You simply forget about handling payments making the experience more authentic for your guests and for you as a host. You will receive a summary of your bookings by the end of the month and get paid to your bank account.

Support & Quality

Quality of experiences is our primary concern. We work closely with you to create the best experience possible

Get new ideas, create new job and business opportunities or simply have the pleasure of meeting new people. You never know what interesting things could happen!


What experience categories can I join?

Create and offer an activity with us in Visual Arts, Crafts, Fashion, Food, Design, Photography, Cinema, Multimedia, Literature, Writing, Performing Arts, Music, Culinary Arts, Health, Wellness, Folklore, etc.

Are there any requirements to join?

You do not need to have the experience of hosting an experience. We welcome anyone who is very excited to tell and show his/her passion to participants.

All of our partners have studied at university, have taken arts and crafts courses, or have self-educated themselves for years in each respective discipline. They have the expertise and/or do what they offer through our website for living or as a part time job.

How long does my activity need to be?

It depends on several variables but in general they last between 2 to 4 hours. But of course you could offer an experience for up to 6 hours which is the longest we would recommend for a day activity.

What do I need to include in my activity?

An activity is an opportunity for people to get to know you and what you creatively or culturally do. The three main components of an activity are your personal and professional story, your cultural and creative discipline and an active participation of guests in any type of creative or learning process.

In some cases you only show your guests how you make your products or art. You tell them about your creative and the making/production process. 

Can groups book the activity on different days than those published on my web page?

It is a good option to offer more days for group bookings. We recommend to have flexibility to increase the chances to get more bookings.

I want to join but I do not have a location or workshop in where to offer my activity. What can I do?

We will definitely help you! Activities could be offered at your home, work, studio or at a location partner (museum, cultural center, coffee shop, store, library, school, association, etc.). Get in touch with us and we will do our best to find a location partner for you so you could join us.

I am a small company and I would like to offer an experience. Can I join?

Yes, of course! For example, you are small business making a product and you would like to have guests to tell them and show them how your product is made, tell the story of the company and even have them participate in part of the production process. Definitely, you are very welcome to join us!

I am cultural institution. Can I join?

Yes, of course! If you currently offer a cultural agenda contact us to discuss ways of cooperation. If you do not offer a cultural agenda you can join as a location partner. 

What happens if I need to cancel the activity?

First of all, cancelling your activity with already confirmed bookings should be an extremely exceptional case. But, if you have no other choice, your guests could either take another activity or get a full refund of the booking.