Icelandic language class: breaking down the myth, Reykjavik - Culture And Literature


ISK 10,500 with one participant

ISK 7,400 per person with 2 or more participants


Wednesday at 2:00 pm

Other days available. To be scheduled at a mutually agreed day and time

Also available as private


Course materials


2 hours approx


About the class

I invite you to an educational and fun class to learn one of the oldest languages in the world: Icelandic. In our class we will, among other things, break down the myth that “it is impossible to learn Icelandic”.

You might have heard the rumor that it is “impossible” to learn Icelandic. Of course that is not true. Icelandic is like every other language, with its easy and more difficult parts. It is also a Germanic language, so it is closely related to languages you are already familiar with.

In our class we will focus on building basic vocabulary and pronunciation . We will start with a little task to pair Icelandic words to pictures, just to give you the feeling that you already know some Icelandic. As word formation is kind of a sport in Iceland, we will also take a look into how we form new words like “tölva” for computer and “sími” for telephone. Then we will do some basic pronunciation so you will be able to pick up some survival vocabulary for your days in Iceland.

Finally, to prove to you that learning Icelandic is possible, by the end of the class you will be able to pronounce the word that has been a tongue-twister for news reporters all over the world: “Eyjafjallajökull”. I am looking forward to welcoming you!





Coffee shop, restrooms, paid parking available


This activity takes place rain or shine

About the host

Sæl og bless! I have had the pleasure to teach Icelandic to foreigners for more than 15 years at university level in Iceland.

I really enjoy to open up the language to foreigners. Enrich your stay by learning a bit of the language of the Vikings!


Meeting at/location

Downtown Reykjavik. Address will be provided after booking.


"What a fantastic time we had learning a little Icelandic with Sirry!"

"It was wonderful, because she is an excellent teacher! She was able to simplify, explain, and take the mystery out of so many things we did not understand about the Icelandic language. And it was terrific to learn from a native speaker! We knew we had been well-taught when my husband thanked someone after a purchase, and when the sales person finally realized he did not really know Icelandic, she smiled and told him he didn't have an accent! How exciting to know we had learned to pronounce things properly! We certainly hope that when we return to Iceland next year Sirry will teach us Part 2 of her class!"

"Ya, ya, yow - Icelandic language"

"My kids (two teens) and I took the Icelandic language class with Sirry the first day we were in Reykjavik. It was very interesting. We learned a bit of pronunciations, some useful phrases, what those unfamiliar letter are! She also explained where some words and phrases came from. The best part though was that for the rest of our stay, we saw words all over that we could piece together. (Icelandic has lots of compound words, and once you see how to sound them out, a number are like English or German, both languages we were familiar with already.) And while I did have to practice a bit, I can pronounce Eyjafjallajökull now! (My kids got it much faster!)
 I would definitely recommend it to family and friends."