Icelandic Elves and the Hidden People class

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About The Icelandic Elves And The Hidden People Class

Many Icelanders have seen and talked with elves and hidden people. Sometimes they have been invited into their homes and had a cup of coffee with cookies or pancakes. Some have even stayed for a night and slept there.

I will tell you everything that is known about elves and hidden people, as well as gnomes, dwarfs, fairies, trolls, mountain spirits, and other nature spirits in Iceland. You will discover their secrets, where these beings live, what they look like, their ideas about humans, and about all the other nature spirits that seem to live around us. 

All the stories and reports that I will share with you are true and just a small part of thousands and thousands of records. These records include stories of personal experiences and friendship between Icelanders, the elves, the hidden people and other beings. 

At the end of the class, and if you pass the test, you will be honored with an official Elf and Hidden People Diploma – an exclusive honor that is only given to all those students who attend my elves class in Iceland.


Friday at 3:00 pm.
Any day for private and group booking.

It possible to join special sessions on other dates. Please contact us.


54€ per person for regular Friday class.

Half price for children under 10 years old 


3 to 4 hours approx.


Icelandic fairy-tales book in English, German or Swedish.

Elves and Hidden People Diploma.

Coffee, tea, water, orange juice, bread, pancakes with jam and cream.

About the host

I have explored and researched elves and hidden people, and other nature spirits, for more than thirty years, in Iceland and abroad.  



This experience is booked on request. We will let you know within 72 hours whether your booking request has been accepted or not. No payment will be requested until the booking is confirmed.

Why booking with us

  • No booking fees or any hidden cost

  • Best price guarantee

  • Count on us to be there by your side

Good to know




Free parking nearby. 


This activity takes place rain or shine.

Other booking options

Book a special or a private session on any day and time.

Price for special sessions is 202€ total for 1 to 3 people. Then, if the group has 4 people or more, the price is 202€ total for 3 people plus 54€ for each additional person.

Please note that special sessions are not private and other people can join at regular price of 54€ per person.

Private sessions are available for a total price of 472€ for 1 up to 8 people. Then, if the group has 9 people or more, the price is 472€ total for 8 people plus 54€ for each additional person.

It is a totally private session just for your group.

Meeting at/location

Reykjavik. 10 minute drive from downtown Reykjavik. Public bus available to get to the location. Address will be provided after booking.


"Elves and Hidden People"

We heard and learned few stories about elves as well as about the hidden people of Iceland. We learned that about half of the Icelanders still believe in them today, but “Englightment” is slowly changing all of this. He collected many stores and recorded peoples' testimonies who have seen elves and hidden people themselves.

To make the most of the time with Magnus, it’s important to be active participants by asking questions instead of just passively listening to his stories. We did just that, and we found our discussions to be more insightful and engaging.

Halfway through the lesson, fresh coffee, home-made bread and fresh Icelandic pancakes filled with jam and whipped cream were served to us. They were DELICIOUS! Whether you believe in elves or not, this was a wonderful way to learn about one of Iceland’s cultural folklore.
I would definitely recommend it to family and friends.

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