Alternative energy healing with crystals and sound

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About The Healing With Crystals And Sound Session

This is 1.5 hour session dedicated to you and the needs of your inner being. Each session uses a different set of crystals and combination of sounds which have been intuitively identified to match and balance the needs of your energetic being.

These treatments work on many levels, emotional, physical, psychological and energetic. Sessions can be used to treat physical pains or discomforts, illness, stress and anxiety, insomnia, emotional trauma, energetic blocks in the body, physical and mental burnout, being stuck in re-occurring patterns, feeling lost.

The use of both crystals and sound as holistic therapy dates back millennia and were often used by shaman and healers in the great ancient civilizations. Incorporating the healing power of natural crystal minerals and gemstones complemented with sound therapy, these alternative treatments can help in restoring energetic alignment and balance.

During a session you may experience sensations of hot, cold or tingles around the body, the energetic flow within your body, a deep restful sleep, a deeply relaxed and peaceful meditative trance, a balancing of both hemispheres of the brain, a cleansing of negative energy or emotion.

You will return feeling vitalized, relaxed, refreshed and stress free and you will be ready to take on the day with a renewed sense of balance, clarity and insight.  You can expect to feel the effects for some time afterward. You may experience some old emotional and physical blockages presenting themselves for release in the days after the session, this will pass leaving you feeling more centered with clarity of mind and stability of emotions. You'll notice that you are calmer, more focused, more confident and more relaxed than before allowing deeper connection within yourself with a renewed sense of purpose. It is likely that you will find yourself with more energy, with fewer aches and pains and with improved sleeping patterns.

Treatments should not be seen as a replacement for medical treatment but can be used to complement or aid your healing process along with it. Science can still not explain what happens during the process of these types of treatments but changes felt by participants and the lasting benefits are continuing to help people worldwide. 


Not Available at the Moment
Daily with flexible starting time between 11am and 5pm. Please contact me to arrange it.

Immersive sound bath experience for groups of 10 people or more. Contact for details.


ISK 15,000 per person


1.5 hour



About the host

I’m an intuitive physic, energy healer and visionary artist. I trained in alternative healing with stones and natural gems in Scotland and has been working with crystals and sound since 2012. 

I have a keen interest in the mysteries of the worlds ancient cultures and I have visited many sacred sites around the globe. I have spent time connecting at sites in Ireland, Egypt, Cambodia, Malta, Turkey, Greece, Scotland, England, Peru and Ecuador.

Over the years I have had many possibilities to work with alternative healing,  to travel, to create, teach and inspire people. I currently live and work in Iceland and divide my time as an artist and light-worker.



This experience is booked on request. We will let you know within 72 hours whether your booking request has been accepted or not. No payment will be requested until the booking is confirmed.

Why booking with us

  • No booking fees or any hidden cost

  • Best price guarantee

  • Count on us to be there by your side

  • Creative Iceland’s Original

Good to know


Wear comfortable clothing


Free parking near by


This activity takes place rain or shine

About Crystal Healing

Each individual crystal carries with it their own energetic signature which can communicate, meld and work within our own energetic beings clearing, unblocking and amplifying the unique rhythm of energy around our body. When one vibration meets another the two are equally changed and transformed allowing the healing tones and stones to meld with our own frequencies.

Meeting at/location

Reykjavik. Location will be provided after booking.


"Talented and Intuitive"

"Aishling is a very skilled healer and is able to identify how to best serve the needs of your spirit body. She has a beautiful collection of crystals and stones and plays lovely high vibrational tones and instruments during the session. This allows for your body to adjust to the higher energies around it, thus releasing tension and promoting a heightened sense of tranquility, insight, and clarity. Highly recommended!"

"Professional, informing & relaxing"

"I have 15+ experience of receiving healings and readings from people all over the world. Without having to tell or explain my sorry Ashliing was immediately on target with the area of my body which required attention and healing. She has an amazing catalogue of stones and sound bowls which make for a wonderful sessions."

"Gentle and Powerful"

"I very much enjoyed and benefited from my session with Aishling. Her ability to read what my physical, spiritual and emotional bodies called for was spot on. As she chose stones and tones for me, I drifted to an in between place. It was lovely. Gently awareness's came to me and I was able to gently process thru. I liked talking with her after the conclusion of my session and hearing what she witnessed and sharing my experience. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends."


"This was my first crystal healing session, and she made me feel at ease right away. The session itself lasted for about an hour, and right after it she made sure to chat with me and tell me what came up for her and how she interpreted it, asking me how I felt about it also. In the few days after the session, I have felt very relaxed and more aligned with myself.  I highly recommend her. I will definitely go see her again."


"There are not many people in the world that can touch your soul and bring you on a journey of enlightenment and healing. Aishling's Crystal and Sound Healing brought me on this very journey, cleansing and clearing my mind, body and soul while exploring my past, present and future. I let go so many suppressed emotions which released me from the clutches of my past and catapulted me into my present. I felt so at peace during the sessions, Aishling is a gifted healer and a pleasure to visit."


"I felt totally at ease during my crystal healing sessions.  During the treatments I felt the rush of energy around both physically and mentally being in a space of calm and warmth. I have trust in Aishling and her genuine desire and ability to assist the healing process, to provide a warm and pleasant time out from daily stress and strains.  Aishling has a wonderful gift to empathize with people.  In my experience this is so very sustaining. She is a natural healer. "

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