Reykjavik Yoga and energetics Class - Health and Wellness


ISK 2,900 per person per class
ISK 15,000 per person for a ten class card


1.5 hours approx.


Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm

Saturdays at 11:00 am

Off-schedule classes available for private groups. Please contact for details and arrangement.

There are mats available for you to borrow


About Reykjavik Yoga and energetics

My Reykjavik yoga and energetic classes are designed to help you connect with your body and calm your mind through a deep, powerful and creative Vinyasa-flow, linking movement with breath. They are less about achieving postures and more about feeling grounded, centered and strong. 

Each class starts with a mindfulness meditation, a moment to ground and start feeling into your body. It is a mindful observation of what is going on in your inner environment, without any judgement. You get a time for yourself to pause, relax, breathe and become curious about what arises inside. The class slowly builds up, from an easy warm-up on the floor that allows you to savour each moment and move with intention, to more invigorating movements and yoga poses, sometimes bringing out sweat and inviting you to step out of your comfort zone. Each class then ends with a sweet relaxation of 10-15 minutes. 

I play music in my classes, carefully choosing a playlist that goes with the rhythm of the class. I use the music as a support for the intention of the class, to create an integrated experience for the senses. 

The theme of the class varies from week to week. The flows are designed to focus on a specific part of the body (backbends as an example) or they might have a more energetically intentional focus (releasing/empowering as an example). I make emphasis on the fact that yoga is a personal journey, you are in the class on your own premises and that learning to listen to your own body is essential for the practice to be safe and joyful. I do place a special attention on strengthening the centre of the body and you can expect some core exercises in all of my classes.

My wish is that you will step off the mat in the end of the class, having nourished your spirit, feeling amazing, physically and mentally fulfilled. 

Locals, travelers, long term visitors and other yoga practitioners will be warmly received!





Wear comfortable clothes that allows you to move freely

Showers available if someone needs to shower after class

Other booking options

Off-schedule classes available for private groups. Please contact for details and arrangement.


This activity takes place rain or shine


Free and paid parking available

About the host

I teach yoga because I am passionate about spiritual growth and well-being and truly believe in the transformational power of yoga and meditation. I wish for everyone to find joy in their yoga practice and learn to listen to their own bodies. Yoga is for me a practice of awareness and a path to a more wholehearted life.

My urge to start sharing the wonders of yoga brought me to Ubud, Bali, where I finished a life-changing 240 hours foundation teacher training with Cat Kabira – Yoga and Energetics. Few months later I found myself back with Cat in Ubud, in my 160 hours Advanced TT. Both trainings recognized by the Yoga Alliance.  



Meeting at/location

Downtown Reykjavik. Address will be provided after booking.