dress in authentic viking costumes and get your own icelandic viking portrait, Reykjavik - Photography


ISK 10,900 one person
ISK 21,800 two persons
ISK 32,700 three persons
ISK 43,600 four persons
ISK 54,500 five persons
ISK 65,400 six persons


1 hour approx.


Every day at any time between 10:00 am. and 6:00 pm.


Use of Viking costumes, weapons, accessories

You pick 6 unique viking portrait photos per person


About the Icelandic Viking experience

When you step back in time on to the driftwood set, dressed in authentic, hand made costumes, it's easy to get into character, find your inner Viking and live the legend. Take home a stylish on-set photographs to share a unique, imaginative adventure.

You’ll find everything you need to become a Viking; clothes, weapons and other Viking paraphernalia. The main goal is to  create realistic, powerful Vikings. To top it off the pictures have cool driftwood for a background.
Once in front of the camera you can see how people literally become fiercer, their inner Viking revealed. You could say that there is a Viking within all of us and people who have been transformed in this way say the experience is unforgettable.

In the late ninth century the Vikings settled in Iceland, a land hidden from history. Undeterred by the harsh terrain and climate, they created their new world here on the edge of civilization. Later, in the 13th Century, they wrote down the story in epic family sagas, the foundation stones of Scandinavian and English literature, the American Western and of course, Game of Thrones (I have worked on the set of Game of Thrones when it was shooting in Iceland).

Fierce, warrior kings and their dynasties, adventurous Jarls (like the dandy Olaf the Peacock), strong, independent women, the struggle for power, honor, revenge and love defined the age of the Vikings and Iceland for centuries to come. 

Play the lead in this glamorous story, feel the passion from the past at the edge of the Arctic with your own family – it’s an unforgettable experience! What a cool memory to take home from Iceland!





Paid parking nearby. 


This activity takes place rain or shine.

About the host

Hi, I have had a successful career in both photography and film over the years, for example I have worked on the popular TV series Game of Thrones. 

I've always had a fascination for the Vikings. So I built a time machine in my studio to travel back to their age with my camera and get some shots to prove it. Why not come with me – it’s fun!




Meeting at/location

Downtown Reykjavik. Address will be provided after booking.


"I love the photos"

"Getting dressed up as a shield maiden and having a photo shoot was a lot of fun. You get to choose your favorite 6 photos.
It was hard to decide. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends."