Short Form Photography Workshops for Photography Lovers

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About The Photography Workshops

Whether you are a serious amateur, a professional or someone who enjoys taking pictures on your phone you will benefit from this session and have a chance to also contribute to it. The goal is to inspire you, demystify stumbling blocks and set you on a surer path to self-learning.

The session will take place over 1.5 hours giving you plenty of time for one on one guidance with the added benefit of feedback from a sociable group of fellow photography enthusiasts. The format is a casual but intimate round table discussion set in the enjoyable atmosphere of a great local restaurant or bar.

Material covered will vary depending on the questions asked by you and others, but will include things like: tips on how to improve your shooting, discovering useful apps and advances being made in photography, and looking at inspirational photography. You might have specific questions about the camera you use or one you’d like to get. You might know your camera back to front but want to have a meaningful chat about your composition techniques or ideas. Maybe you’re looking for tips for where to go in Iceland to take amazing photos?

You may have questions about your camera like:

  • What do P A and S stand for and why would I use them?

  • How do I choose the best ISO settings?

  • When not to use auto White Balance or auto exposure.

Your technique:

  • How do I take better portraits?

  • What settings do I need to get good pictures under little or no light?

  • How do I get sharper pictures?

Want to know more about tools and resources:

  • Which apps can I use to edit photos on my phone? My computer?

  • What is color correction and why does it matter?

  • How do I send printed postcards from my phone?

Or have specific questions about photographing in Iceland:

  • Where to go?

  • What precautions to take regarding equipment safety?

  • How does the color temperature of light in Iceland differ? (yes it does!)

Book either or both sessions. You might wish to book more than one session. For example, book a morning session to get off to a great start and then follow up with an evening session later in the week to reinforce what you have learned.

By the end of our time together you should be able to approach subjects of any kind with more confidence and with a surer working knowledge of your camera and its features.

Bring any camera (even a phone camera), your curiosity, and an appetite for knowledge. This workshop will take care of your hunger and your thirst too.


Morning workshop daily at 8:00 am (max size 8 persons) breakfast included

Evening workshop daily at 5:30 pm (max size 8 persons) cocktail included 


ISK 12,500 per person 2 people minimum


1.5 hours approx.



Breakfast: select any main dish or pastry and up to two beverages from the regular menu.

Cocktail: select any drink from the regular menu. 

About the host

I´m an award winning photographer, published author, film colorist and experienced teacher. I studied psychology, film and photography formally in Miami and Paris and apprenticed in New York City.

I´ve been an Olympus Visionary and Mentor for several years and have been shooting a range of different analogue and digital cameras for 20 years.  I enjoy growing from experiences as much as I enjoy sharing my experiences and inspiring others to grow.

I guest lecture in photography and film and have spoken internationally about my work. Some of the places I taught are the International Centre of Photography in New York, The MET Film School in London, Kvikmyndaskólinn (Film School) and Ljósmyndaskólinn (Photography School) in Reykjavik.



This experience is booked on request. We will let you know within 72 hours whether your booking request has been accepted or not. No payment will be requested until the booking is confirmed.

Why booking with us

  • No booking fees or any hidden cost

  • Best price guarantee

  • Count on us to be there by your side

  • Creative Iceland’s Original

Good to know


This activity takes place rain or shine.

Skill level

All skill levels and photographic devices are welcome (even phones). If you do not have one and want to learn something you are welcome to join us armed with nothing but your curiosity. The setting is informal and you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. 

Other booking options

Private workshops available. Please contact for details.


Bring with you your fully charged camera (with manual if you have it). It is also a good idea to bring all the equipment that you have with you. If you have a tripod you can bring that too. 

Dress for the weather and wear comfortable outdoor walking shoes.

Meeting at/location

Downtown Reykjavik. Meeting location will be provided after booking.


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