Reykjavik city street photography workshop

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About The Reykjavik City Street Photography Workshop

Whether you are a serious amateur, a professional or someone who enjoys taking pictures on your phone, you will benefit from this session. The goal is to inspire you, demystify stumbling blocks and set you on a surer path to self-learning, all while showing you a some of charming and beautiful Reykjavik.

Our focus will be on the street, working with your awareness and how to spot the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary. Along with your awareness of the environment comes awareness of the technology in your hands. We will cover some information on cameras and shooting for spontaneous situations, however we will not focus too heavily on technical information.

The session will take place over a 2 hours walking tour through the downtown streets of Reykjavik. We will visit locations that are particular robust visual examples of space and form, but also good for photographing people. With the recent influx of visitors, Reykjavik street life is more robust than ever. We will address challenges faced when photographing strangers, and if you are open to it, how to turn chance encounters into portrait opportunities.

Locations visited will include Harpa Concert Hall, the Sun Voyager sculpture - Sólfar, Hallgrímskirkja, Tjörnin (the Pond), and the cemetery. As with photography, it is important to remain open to spontaneity, so these locations might be subject to change or additions depending on how we feel. This attitude is very Icelandic in nature and is something I recommend embracing particularly while you are visiting.

Dress for the weather (which is known to change every five minutes) and wear comfortable outdoor walking shoes which are weatherproof. 


Everyday from 10:00 am till 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm till 4:00 pm

Flexible starting time for advance bookings (2 weeks) and for groups of 4 people or more.

Private workshops available. Please contact for details.




ISK 37,600 for 1 person
ISK 19,990 per person with 2 people
ISK 15,990 per person with 3 people or more

Children 12 years old and younger free of charge


2 hours approx.

About the host

I am an award winning photographer, published author, colorist and experienced teacher based in Reykjavik. My work is collected and published internationally in newspapers and magazines. I studied psychology, film and photography formally in Miami and Paris and apprenticed in New York City.

I've been an Olympus Visionary and Mentor for several years and have been shooting a range of different analogue and digital cameras for 20 years.

I guest lecture in photography and film and speak internationally about my work.

Some of the institutes I teach at include the International Centre of Photography in New York, The MET Film School in London, Kvikmyndaskólin (Film School) and Ljósmyndaskólinn (Photography School) in Reykjavik.



This experience is booked on request. We will let you know within 72 hours whether your booking request has been accepted or not. No payment will be requested until the booking is confirmed.

Why booking with us

  • No booking fees or any hidden cost

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Good to know


This activity takes place rain or shine.

Skill level

All skill levels and photographic devices are welcome (even phones). If you do not have a camera and want to learn something you are welcome to join us armed with nothing but your curiosity. The atmosphere is informal and you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.


Bring with you your fully charged camera (with manual if you have it). It is also a good idea to bring all the equipment that you have with you. If you have a tripod you can bring that too. 

Dress for the weather and wear comfortable outdoor walking shoes.

Meeting at/location

Downtown Reykjavik. Meeting location will be provided after booking.


"Street Photography with Gabrielle"

"Gabrielle was fantastic. Our Street Photography tour with Gabrielle easily made our top 2 of activities while in Iceland. She was so willing to share her knowledge and I left very inspired to engage myself in the art of photography. The tour sounded fun, but I think it’s undersold in the description, at least with Gabrielle in charge of the tour!"

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