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About The Reykjavik Dinner With An Icelandic Artist

I invite you to a traditional Reykjavik home made dinner prepared my way with the best of our local produce. Cooking food has been my hobby for many years. I have most cooked for family and friends, until recently a woman who works in the gallery where I sell my paintings encouraged me to open my home and invite travelers to eat dinner with me. They have been completely happy with my food, just like my family and friends. 

I invite you to come and eat with us. We agree on the menu depending on the day of the week which consists of a starter, main course and dessert. I can adapt the dishes for vegetarians and those who eat fish.

Sample dinner menu:

Starter: smoked trout, home baked leavened bread, onion, spices and sour cream. The smoked trout is a very traditional dish in Iceland for events or ceremonies.

Main course: slow cooked lamb with vegetables, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions and aubergine. The meat tastes just like my mother did to cook it, but she had potatoes peas and red cabbage. The slow cooked lamb is offered for groups with 4 guests minimum.

Dessert: vanilla skyr, blueberries and quinoa with some cream. Skyr is very Icelandic with blue berries, kino is from South America. I add some sugar and cinnamon. It will give you an idea of the natural curiosity of one Icelander.

There are options on the menu such us pasta with smoked salmon alla carbonara, chicken from the oven, Indian vegetable dishes or, the traditional Icelandic meat soup.

If you are interested, you can add to the booking to have a little introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation. There is no additional cost. This may take 30-40 minutes and it is before dinner so you would have to arrive at 6:30 pm.

Visit us, I will show you my house, my art, tell you how is like to be an artist in Iceland, some history and present times of the neighborhood and anything else that a delicious food and great company could bring to the table. I look forward to welcoming you to my home.


Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 pm

Also, groups of 4 to 8 people can book lunch on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You can join others if you are a solo traveler. Contact to find out confirmed dates.


ISK 12,450 per person

2 people minimum and 8 people max.


2 to 3 hours approx.


Three course home made dinner and nice chat with a local about everything or nothing

Alcohol is not included and you can bring your own

About the host

I live and work as an artist in downtown Reykjavik since I finished my studies in Reykjavik and Amsterdam in the year 1984. I've worked in oil painting, watercolor, art prints and digital photos. I've been involved in a number of exhibitions in Iceland and abroad.

Now, I combined my two passions: painting and cooking.



This experience is booked on request. We will let you know within 72 hours whether your booking request has been accepted or not. No payment will be requested until the booking is confirmed.

Why booking with us

  • No booking fees or any hidden cost

  • Best price guarantee

  • Count on us to be there by your side

  • Creative Iceland’s Original

Good to know




This experience takes place rain or shine


The house is located at the harbor in one of the oldest part of Reykjavik. There are a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and museums close by.

Other booking options

Starting time is 7pm but there is some flexibility for starting earlier.

You can book the dinner as private, only for your group. Please contact me to arrange it, for details, and price.

Also, groups of 4 to 8 can book private lunch on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Meeting at/location

Old harbor, downtown Reykjavik. Location details will be provided after booking.


“A Wonderful Icelandic Experience”

“A group of seven of us had dinner with Dadi and his wife Sofia. The three course meal was delicious in their lovely home. The best part however was the experience of dining with such an interesting couple. They were so gracious and answered all our questions about living in Iceland. They also shared information about their occupations - he is an artist and has his home decorated with his original artwork; she is a nursery school teacher and discussed education in Iceland. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like an authentic Icelandic experience.”

“A true taste of Iceland”

“Our group was very happy with the delicious food that we enjoyed at the private home. It was so nice to have a real taste of Icelandic food in such a comfortable atmosphere. The location was very accessible and it was a nice relaxing evening, Dadi and his wife are very gracious hosts, I would highly recommend this for anyone visiting Reykjavik.”

“Wonderful evening!”

“Dadi and his wife were lovely hosts! The meal was delicious, the company was all around good time. They were so inviting and had great stories about Iceland's history and where to visit during our stay. We ended the night with good-belly laughs, a little bit of yoga and the northern lights. And of course.....the food was divine. We had a cod appetizer, roasted lamb and potatoes main course with a traditional skyr dessert. What a treat. We will certainly recommend them to everyone!!!!!”


"Dadi was a great host, and it was a pleasure to be a guest in his private house. I enjoy the typical Iceland meal a lot and it was great to share some time with interesting people from around the word."

"Icelandic home cooked dinner"

"Dadi and his wife were gracious and welcoming. They were very patient and answered our many questions regarding Iceland history, traditions and what daily life is like in Iceland. The meal was simple but delicious!! The homemade bread was really special."

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