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About The Reykjavik Food Tour

Join us for an authentic Icelandic foodie experience and explore the best of Reykjavik like a local! In our Reykjavik food tour you will learn about food in Iceland, experience our delicious local cuisine at it’s best, see the highlights of Reykjavik and visit the most excellent restaurants in Iceland. 

In our fun Reykjavik food tour you will walk all around down town Reykjavik with an awesome local guide for approx. 3-4 hours and see the city’s most interesting attractions. As we explore Reykjavik in the funnest way possible, through food, we will enjoy more than 10 amazing local cuisines that you won’t find anywhere else than in Iceland.

The restaurants we visit are a variety of casual, fine dining and cosy family run businesses. Some are well-known “must visit restaurants” in Reykjavik while other are secret local hangouts. For this tour we decided to focus on our absolute most delicious Icelandic cuisines and leave behind some less mouth-watering traditional cuisines – Like fermented shark, rams testicles and sour sheep heads! But your local guide will be more than happy to suggest to you where you can find such things.

You will taste our grass fed and free roaming Icelandic lamb, home made Icelandic ice cream from a secret family recipe, taste the best local cheese of the season, the rooted tradition Skyr, a hot dog "with everything" from the famous Icelandic hot dog stand, our local specialty and authentic Icelandic fish, and so much more, depending on each day and season!

Our Reykjavik Food Tour is safe, family friendly and the perfect local introduction to our delicious Icelandic food. We do of course accommodate most dietary restrictions such as gluten and lactose intolerance, vegetarians and most allergies.

If you like unique cuisines, local restaurants and make new friends you should join us. Just make sure you show up hungry!


Everyday at 12:30 and 17:00 hrs
Sometimes at 11:30 and 13:00 hrs
Check availability and times below


ISK 13,900 per person
50% discount for children 12 to 4 years old




3 hours approx.

2.5 hours the evening tour at 17:00 hrs.


More than 10 delicious local cuisines from the best restaurants in Iceland

About the host

We are a small group of proud Icelandic foodies who are passionate about sharing our incredible local cuisines with adventurous, fun and curious travelers.

If you are any of the above, you have found the perfect way to explore our beautiful Reykjavik!



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Plan a great day

Combine the See-Talk-Eat Reykjavik Food Tour with the Reykjavik City Walk ↗ starting at 10:00 am for an incredible day full of culture, history and food!

Meeting at/location

Downtown Reykjavik. Meeting location details will be provided after booking.


"So totally perfect!"

"Our guide, Alexandra, went out of her way to make this a fantastic walk and eat in Reykjavik. It was great to eat all the wonderful things, like the rye bread ice cream and the pan-fried fish - we were also able to use this tour as a way to plan the rest of our eating in town. Alexandra gave us all kinds of suggestions for other restaurants in town plus her favorite licorice! You'll have to take the tour to get the answer to that question..."

"A unique experience"

"I loved the food tour: not only was the guide humorous, energetic and highly skilled and knowledgeable but she also was able to transform the large group into a social entity where everyone was communicating and sharing experiences in Iceland. The 13 couisines and restaurants were carefully chosen, receptive and gave the group a sense of traditional Icelandic food. I think that this might be well suited as a first requirement towards understanding this fascinating culture."

"Excellent Experience"

"Kjartan was an exceptional guide, and my sister and I agreed that the food walk was one of the best things we could have done on our trip. We went on our first day (though it was not my first time in Reykjavik), and it gave us an excellent reintroduction to the city and culture. Kjartan really seems to know his stuff, and his advice was fantastic. The food itself was great, and led us to things we never would have found on our own (the rye bread ice cream!). We spent the rest of our trip enjoying his recommendations (the cinnamon buns really were a minorly sensual experience), and it helped enrich the rest of our trip. Additionally, I was doing research on my trip, and Kjartan went above and beyond to connect me with helpful resources while I was there. Could not have been a better experience, and we could not be more grateful. Thanks so much!"

"Reykjavik's Best Food!"

"I took my kids (two teens) on this tour the first day we were in Reykjavik. It was super. All the foods we had were very good quality, and there was a good variety. My son discovered Icelandic hotdogs, skyr, and smoked goose (I think that was it). My daughter discovered some grilled fish dish. I found the best blue cheese ever, rye-bread ice cream, and some lobster soup. The next day we were on a day trip to the volcano fields and I mentioned the soup to our guide. He asked if it was from such and such restaurant (I forget the exact name now). I said yes, and he said, "It's the best in Reykjavik.". Before we left, we went back to the cheese shop so we could take some home. Our guide was a young woman with red boots :-) She told us all kinds of stories. We had a lot of fun. Also, my son has severe food allergies to nuts, eggs, and fish/seafood. We mentioned this ahead of time and he carried a card that explained this in English and Icelandic. He was able to eat at all but one of the stops. If the main sampling dish wasn't possible, they found an alternative. (E.g., instead Icelandic ice cream, he had a cake like dessert.) It can be very hard to accommodate all his allergies, and we felt everyone definitely met us half way.
I would definitely recommend it to family and friends."

“Experience Reykjavik and Iceland through Food and Walking”

"As a frequent traveler, I find the best way to get to know a place and its culture is by seeing it through a local's eyes, walking around, and through its food. This tour offers all three."

“Great tour..Felt like I got to try every restaurant on my list..So much fun”

"Amazing tour..Dan was great..I loved how I got to check off all the great restaurants that I wanted to try in just one tour..Loved how each stop was a sit down, full serving...not just those little standing up samplings you sometimes get on food tours. Dan kept us entertained, and really showed us some great locations in Reykjavik...Definitely book this tour."

“Highlight of our trip!”

"We did this the day before leaving...definitely should've done it on arrival so we could go back and visit all the restaurants we tried. Dan was a fantastic guide! The food we tried was amazing, the owners did a great job of choosing the best of the best in their city. I just can't say enough good things about this tour! So glad we stumbled on it and signed up!"

"Beyond wonderful!"

"My group fell in love with Dan, the leader of this entertaining and enlightening food walk through Reykjavik. Dan is delightful, adaptable, sweet, spontaneous and generous with his time. We were very well fed by the end. And we learned a lot. Thank you!
I would definitely recommend it to family and friends."

"Fun and Yummy Stroll"

"What a great adventure! My friend and I had a best time eating our way through the city and bonding with everyone on our tour group. 
I would definitely recommend it to family and friends."

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